Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction

Using Breast Augmentation to improve Breasts

Cancer and the removal of tumour from a breast or even both breasts can be a very traumatic experience for any woman. A woman’s confidence as a woman, her sensuality and sexuality is expressed through her body, removal of one of the most important parts of her identity as a woman can erode any woman confidence on herself.

Counselling and family support will help her deal with the trauma of such an experience but it’s not enough just to receive support. She needs to know that she will be able to face the world as a complete woman again.

Breast reconstruction gives most women the opportunity to regain her body to near as possible to what she was before her mastectomy. A breast reconstruction involves the replacement of skin, tissue and nipple in order to restore the breasts symmetry. There are various procedures that can be performed to effect breast reconstruction. The decision on which method to use will take into consideration such factors as the overall health of the patient, whether the patient is receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatment at the time, the goals of surgery, and how much recovery a woman is prepared to accept.

Before the mastectomy, your surgeon will discuss the mastectomy and will also include what choices you have after surgery. The decision on whether to have the breast reconstruction immediately after the removal of tumour and necessary tissues, skin, nipple, etc. your surgeon will discuss with you in this consultation. Most surgeons will encourage breast reconstruction at the same time of the mastectomy, this reduces trauma, expenses and time of breast augmentation recovery will be less as the patient does not have to wait for a second operation to have a breast reconstruction.

Breast ReconstructionThe choice of breast reconstruction will determine whether to have breast augmentation (breast implants) or to have tissue removed from other parts of the body. The breast reconstruction of the new nipple will be constructed using a skin flap. And to complete the aesthetic appearance the areola will be created with a medical tattoo. The surgery for mastectomy and breast reconstruction can take anything from one to six hours to complete.

After the surgery you can expect to experience soreness, bruising and swelling for two weeks or may be a bit longer depending on your rate of recovery. Numbness and tightness can be expected in the site of the surgery. You will be given after care instructions which you should follow to affect a speedy and successful recovery. The shape of the reconstructed breast will improve over the next few months to give an aesthetically pleasing result.

Normal activities can be resumed after about 6 weeks after surgery, be guided by your physician when to resume exercises. Over time scars and feeling to the breast will improve. Your surgeon will advise you on after care such as: bathing, showering and basic wound care.

After breast reconstruction, you will be required to have regular breast cancer examinations, and screening for cancerous cells. Should there be a reoccurrence of the cancer it can be treated with surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. For your peace of mind monthly examination of the breasts should continue and annual mammograms should be booked and done to be able to detect a reoccurrence early so it can be dealt with in a speedy manner.

Breast Augmentation cost or breast reconstruction costsĀ and payment, breast reconstruction maybe covered under your medical aid or medical insurance, check with your medical aid company before proceeding with treatment.

Great advancement in plastic surgical techniques offer excellent results from breast reconstruction, and the results are so good that a woman can feel confident that she will come out of the experience not only with a ‘new lease of life’ but with full confidence that she can face the world as a whole and complete woman.