Breast Enhancement

Breast Enhancement

Enhance and Improve Your Breasts with Breast Augmentation

Many women would like to enhance the shape of their breasts, whether they choose a radical change or just subtle change is a choice each has to make themselves. However together with the help of their cosmetic surgeon, they are sure to come up with the right choice for them.

There are two methods of improving the shape and structure of the breasts using breast enhancement, either by breast augmentation or a breast lift. This will depend on the amount of change that needs to be done.

The choice of breast enhancement via a breast lift or mastopexy, is often chosen when a woman’s breasts have begun to sag or droop, usually as a result of pregnancy, aging or due to weight loss.

At the initial consultation the surgeon will measure your breasts while you are sitting or standing upright. He or she will discuss the desired shape you wish your breasts to be, the surgeon will discuss all the different factors related to the differ rent methods of breast enhancement, breast lift or breast augmentation, or a combination of both breast lift and breast augmentation. The surgeon will probably show you breast augmentation before and after photos of results. Together with your surgeons guidance you will choose the breast enhancement that would be suitable and unique for your situation.

If the choice of breast enhancement is to do just a breast lift, the surgeon only need to remove excess skin, re-contour the breast at the same time reposition the nipple, the resulting procedure will create lifted, youthful looking shapely breasts.

One of the surgical techniques for a breast enhancement lift requires three incisions that will form a shape like an anchor this is called an “anchor incision”:

1. The first incision will be done around the areola, and extending above areola and thus creating a new position where the nipple will be placed.
2. The second incision will run vertically from the nipple site straight down from the nipple to the bottom of the breast near the chest area.
3. The third incision of the breast enhancement will be done on the underside of the breast this is just above the fold under the breast.

Breast EnhancementThese incisions will create flaps this is where excess skin can be removed. Further excess skin can also be removed when the nipple and areola are moved higher up on the breast. With this procedure the nipple and the areola remain connected to the nerves and blood supply and also connected to the underlying breast tissue, using this method reduces the changes of sensation loss to the breast, resulting is a better breast enhancement.

The patient will be required to have this breast enhancement done at a clinic or hospital on an outpatient’s basis using general anesthesia, after recovery the patient will be allowed to go home with after care instructions.

The patient will experience some temporary numbness, swelling and bruising of the breasts. This will heal and return to normal over a period of about a week. A recovery period is required for the breast enhancement to be a success.

You must realize that this procedure will not increase or enlarge the breasts, this form of breast enhancement is suitable for women who are satisfied with the size of their breasts but require them to be reshaped or lifted to give a more pleasing effect. For larger breasts then a breast augmentation procedure should be considered.

For a woman who’s breasts have not only lost shape, droop or sag, but have lost volume, they feel that they would like to increase the volume of their breasts the surgeon can combine the breast lift together with an breast augmentation (breast implants), to affect a more dramatic change, the results of this method of breast enhancement would result in a more proportionate, contoured figure, a fuller breast shape, balanced and symmetrical result which will give a woman greater self-confidence.

Breast enhancement can be performed either as an in patient or as an outpatient using a general anesthesia. Depending on the outcome of the breast enhancement the surgeon will decide whether the patient will be allowed to go home after recovery or have to remain in hospital for observation overnight.